I’ve been thinking a lot about corporate knowledge management systems recently.

If we think about a company as an organism, then a knowledge management system is essentially the (collective) brain that keeps that organism alive and running. A corporate knowledge management system should contain every single bit of codifiable information within the company resulting in a library of all projects, processes and procedures.

In an ideal state, it is the single source of truth that helps to inform every individual in the firm about what everyone else is up to. …

Sparked by an interesting Twitter discussion, I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about different proof-of-work mechanisms.

When I say proof-of-work, I’m not talking about consensus algorithms like the ones that some crypto currencies use. I’m talking about social networks.

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As part of my job at Stripe, I get to work with many early-stage startups and help them figure out their monetization and pricing strategies. While most founders have a clear product vision and have thought through things like their go-to-market strategy or hiring plans, surprisingly few have an idea about what their pricing should look like.

Interestingly, this is not just the case for early-stage startups but also more mature companies. Back when I ran pricing workshops at Google Play, many startups didn’t have an active pricing strategy — despite multi-million dollar run rates in some cases.

Pricing is…

The Sense is still one of my all-time favourite product designs. It reminds me a lot of the Beijing National Stadium by Herzog & de Meuron.

Unfortunately, the Sense never delivered on any of its other promises: The app UI wasn’t great, the personalised sleep insights & recommendations didn’t feel right and they never released the API they promised in their Kickstarter campaign. A few months ago the company announced it was shutting down. The email with instructions on how to export your data? I’m still waiting for it. My Sense is now nothing but an expensive paperweight.

Julian Lehr

Fitter, happier, and more productive. Currently at Stripe. ✍️ www.julian.digital

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